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As a full service, software development and on-line marketing company, Nudge Technologies offers a specific group of industry leading services. Our primary focus is assisting our clients in extracting the absolute most out of their on-line marketing experience. From landing pages, bulk e-mails, recorded phone messages, call tracking, to our very own lead management software, Nudge has you covered.

Manage Clients

Nudge's Proprietary Lead Management and Automated Follow-Up Software

Client Central does much more than automate the follow-up process. It's flexibility allows us the ability to configure a robust CRM system to fit any of our clients individual needs. Client Central, Nudge's very own lead management software, holds it all together.

  • Dashboard
  • Search
  • Individual Messaging
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Auto Connect
  • Voice Broadcasts
  • Email Editor
  • Category/Status Triggers
  • Bulk Upload

The dashboard is the hub of your Client Central lead management software. It is the 1st page you will view when logging into your software program. From a recap of how many leads have filtered trough to how many clients have clicked on and e-mail for additional information. It's all on the dashboard.

Some Of The Features Include:

  • Detailed reports of your campaigns effectiveness
  • Records number of clicks from on-line lead generating campaign
  • Upload bulk leads from other sources, such as trade shows
  • Track the progress of each prospect through the entire sales cycle
  • Weekly PPC performance reports e-mailed directly to you
  • Client Central will automatically initiate an individual automated follow-up campaign based on your client's specific needs. Easily program individual follow-up campaigns featuring e-mails and automated phone calls for each of your landing pages or contact form's

    More Features

Enterprise Level Functionality:

  • Distribute leads to one or multiple dealers
  • Distribute leads by city, state, zip code or customizable market area.
  • Sell leads to your dealer base, our system will automate the entire process
  • Provide a monthly allocation of lead certificates to dealers based on their performance

    More Features

Completely automate the entire customer acquisition process,
from the first click to the close, and beyond.

Nifty Software, Creative Individuals, Significant Results!

Who Is Nudge

Who Is Nudge?

We help you get more leads without increasing your Pay Per Click budget. It's what we do day in and day out for businesses just like yours.

We help you find them.
We help you sell them.
We help you stay in touch with them.

Cutting edge software, industry leading professionals, proven results.

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