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A Referral occurs when Nudge Technologies accepts a contract to provide services to a customer referred to Nudge Technologies by you and such customer is active and spending money on online services through Nudge Technologies. Nudge Technologies, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines whether a customer is active and determines the time and date at which any such customer has gone active.

Further, Referrals shall not include any customer whose contact information is already within Nudge's customer and potential customer database(s) and who has been in contact with a Nudge Technologies representative at any time during the previous 12 months.

How it Works

  1. Spread the word! Give CREDITS & Get FREE ACCESS!! Refer a friend or business colleague to Nudge Technologies.

  2. When people you refer sign up for a Landing Page/ Client Central account, ask them to provide your name or company name in the "Referred by" field. They can also call to sign up; just have them let us know your name or company name when they call.

  3. Upon being active with Nudge Technologies for 30 days, you will receive an e-mail. This email will let you know that we will be crediting your Client Central invoice $10.00 per month for every month your referral has an active Client Central account with us!
Who Is Nudge

Who Is Nudge?

We help you get more leads without increasing your Pay Per Click budget. It's what we do day in and day out for businesses just like yours.

We help you find them.
We help you sell them.
We help you stay in touch with them.

Cutting edge software, industry leading professionals, proven results.

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