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Proven results at a price that will keep you smiling with no contracts or long term agreements.

Nudge’s Click to Close Lead Generating Solution

$139.99 Monthly + Setup Fee

Landing Page
(optimized for mobile)
Client Central License Customized Follow-Up E-mails
Landing Page Click To Close

Client Central does much more than automate the follow-up process. It’s flexibility allows us the ability to configure a robust CRM system to fit any of our clients individual needs. Client Central, Nudge’s very own lead management software, holds it all together.

Client Central Lead Management Software

$99.99 Monthly + Setup Fee

Client Central Lead Management Software Integrated with your current web site.

Nudgem Video Pop-Ups

$299.99 + Setup Fee


Engage your customers by imbedding your video message directly inside your sites content. Nudges user-initiated video pop-ups cut through the clutter, delivering a relevant, high impact experience. Cost does not include video production.

Personalized Spokesperson


Our video team provides a complete turn key solution that includes script witting, video editing and coding the content into your landing page.

30s video (80 words or less) $299 + Setup Fee
60s video (170 words or less) $399 + Setup Fee
Over 60s—Call for quote

Landing Page / Website Review Critique



Is your current web strategy and landing pages effectively converting visitors into highly qualified leads? One of our qualified landing page developers will analyze critique and run your current landing page through the ringer. Our proven 9-point conversion checklist will help us determine your current pages weaknesses and provide the data we need to redesign tweak and alter your current page to make it a leads generating machine. Over 100% improvements are not uncommon. What could you do with considerably more leads each and every month.

Jump Start PPC Campaign


We Configure, You Manage Are you paying to much for each click? Are you driving the right traffic to your landing page? Is your current click-through rate having an adverse effect on your per click cost? Nudge provides concrete solutions to your on-line marketing needs. Our search engine marketing experts will formulate a comprehensive approach that is sure to provide you with a steady stream of qualified leads and phone calls. Our team of experts will set up an extremely efficient and effective campaign. We’ll get it pointed in the right direction, you take it from there.

Nudge PPC Jumpstart program focuses on the following: Nudges SEM team will incorporate any Number of effective techniques designed to raise your campaigns quality score and increase the click through rates. By improving your quality score and increasing your click through rate, your click costs will decrease. More leads, lower click costs— we know how to get you there.

  • Proper match type usage for key phrases
  • Overall search report analysis using a your existing campaign to determine best phrases to spend your valuable advertising dollars on
  • Selective key phrase elimination to increase over all click through rate whle effectively decreasing your average cost per click
  • Aggressive bid management set-up proven to maximize your total time online serving ads even in highly competitive markets
  • Creation of multiple rotating ads discovering the best option to compel customers to click through to your site
  • Our expert SEM team will optimize your ads increasing click through rates lowering the overall cost of each click
  • Use our pro's to set up a highly effective campaign

Client Central Credits


Products Pricing Voice Voice Broadcasting Credits
Pricing schedule:
Call Tracking Credits
Pricing schedule:
50 Minutes$6.00
100 Minutes$12.00
200 Minutes$24.00
300 Minutes$36.00
400 Minutes$48.00
Bulk E-mail Credits
Pricing schedule:
25,000 $139.00
50,000 $189.00
100,000 $250.00
Products Pricing Email
Who Is Nudge

Who Is Nudge?

We help you get more leads without increasing your Pay Per Click budget. It's what we do day in and day out for businesses just like yours.

We help you find them.
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