Ready for an unfair advantage?

How much are you spending on Google and Yahoo each and every month? It isn’t cheap, is it?!

  • Are you happy with your current per lead cost?
  • Are you spending time and money chasing un-qualified leads?
  • Are you tired of sharing leads with your competitors?

Nudge's Exclusive Click-To-Close Marketing Franchise Provides You With More Leads For Less Money.

Take advantage of the same marketing solutions as these industry leading companies.

Lead Grabbing Landing Pages

Ok, you've paid to drive a visitor to your web site, now what? Remember, getting clicks and visitors is easy. Lets talk conversions, how can we generate quality leads from visitors to your web site? Nudge’s answer—pre-built, industry specific landing pages designed and written by our team of talented web marketers. These impressive and highly ranked sites are just waiting for your logo, your company overview and other important information to be inserted, making them effective on-line lead generating machines.

Client Central

Client Central lead managementsoftware is completely customized to reflect your company's look. It's loaded and delivered with an array of branded reach outs all designed to project your company's desired message. Whether you're a one-person shop or a large organization, this innovative software is now available to revolutionize your sales approach. Your very own automated follow-up and lead management system. A turnkey solution expertly configured to suit your company’s needs.

Industry specific e-mails

Constantly tap your prospects on the shoulder throughout the entire sales cycle. Our professionally written ad agency quality e-mails are designed to educate the prospect while establishing your company as a trusted relevant source for your products and services.

Automated voice messaging

Quickly and efficiently communicate your desired message to prospects and current clients. Nudge provides dozens of customized scripts developed to work in conjunction with Nudge’s industry specific e-mail marketing campaign.

Industry specific informational reports

Continue the education process while increasing visitor to lead ratio with downloadable industry specific, informational reports. Professionally written and customized to reflect your companies desired message.

Special offer downloads

Nudge encourages our clients to continue to dangle the carrot. Entice and ultimately compel prospects to provide you with their contact information in exchange for discounted offers.

No action exit page

So for what ever reason a prospect didn’t fill out the form or give you a call, our no action exit pages will give you every opportunity to secure the lead. A thorough approach to securing high quality leads.

Who Is Nudge

Who Is Nudge?

We help you get more leads without increasing your Pay Per Click budget. It's what we do day in and day out for businesses just like yours.

We help you find them.
We help you sell them.
We help you stay in touch with them.

Cutting edge software, industry leading professionals, proven results.

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