Lift Conversion Rates By More Than 100%

A well thought out properly structured campaign will drive the right traffic at the right price.

Once you’ve paid to attract that potential customer you certainly don’t want to squander the opportunity to convert that visitor to a lead. Our custom landing pages are clear, compelling and could be the difference between a qualified lead or a wasted click.

Lead Management Software, Client Central

Never again lose track of a lead. Gain insight into lead progression at every stage of the sales cycle. Client Central, Nudge's web-based lead management software is a comprehensive lead management and customer follow-up tool. Flexible lead scoring and the ability to automatically change lead status based on the prospects click history. Lead Management This unique functionality enables Marketing and Sales to seamlessly pass lead communication and qualification responsibility back and forth, enabling the appropriate mode of communication for each lead at each vital phase of the sales cycle.

Automated Follow-Up

This revolutionary technology is designed to effortlessly deliver the right marketing message, at the right time, every time. Client Central will help you secure new prospects and assist you in effectively corresponding with them. Automated Follow Up Eliminate manual processes, save time and free up resources.

Multi-Site Management

Easily manage multiple landing pagesMultiple Landing Pages
Any number of industry studies have conclusively shown that the most effective PPC campaigns deliver clients to landing pages that specifically address the searchers area of interest. If a potential prospect is searching for replacement windows the more effective approach would be to have the searcher land on a page or micro site that focuses on replacement windows not a general home remodeling site.

Multiple Follow-Up Campaigns

Multi Follow UpClient Central will automatically initiate an individual automated follow-up campaign based on your client’s specific needs. Easily program individual follow-up campaigns featuring e-mails and automated phone calls for each of your landing pages or contact form’s. This game changing software will automatically entertain, engage and educate your client.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors, Client Central makes it easy.

Lead Distribution

Lead DistributionSeamless routing of leads in real-time to your sales agents or field offices is a breeze with Client Central. A comprehensive administration screen will provide valuable data necessary to evaluate individual field office performance. Automated follow up campaigns will initiate with the appropriate contact information of each field office based on the prospects zip code.

Easily Customized

Easily Customized

Configure Customized fields, status settings, and categories to fit your organizations specific needs. We include all the functionality necessary to help you customize your version of Client Central—making it truly yours.

Quickly respond to market shifts, change content, impact statements and special offers based on what your pay per click competitors are offering. The nudge integration team will configure our software to work with each one of your landing pages and your corporate site as well. Complete independence from your web developer and the immediacy needed to effectively compete on the web.

Main Landing

Connect with your customers and drive them to action

The industry standard suggests that 97% of visitors to your site will NOT turn into a lead, we can help! When it comes to on-line marketing a minuscule 3% is the average conversion rate... that leaves a lot of room for improvement. Our methods are proven and have been successfully implemented in a number of industries. Our professionally designed, purpose built lead generating sites are proven workhorses. They will not replace your current website. They serve one function: to deliver you qualified exclusive prospects day after day.

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Nudgem Video Pop-Ups

Engage your customers by incorporating the power of a rich media experience. By embedding your video message directly inside the content our user-initiated video pop-ups cut through the clutter, delivering a relevant, high impact experience. Ready Set Engage

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Personalized Spokesperson
A consistent personalized professionally delivered message can dramatically increase your landing pages conversion rate. This technology will help Separate your business from the pack. Our video team provides a complete turn key solution that includes script witting, video editing and coding the content into your landing page.

No Action Exit Page

No Action Exit PageAnother effective component we offer to maximize conversion rates and ultimately your bottom line. This technology is HOT because ... it WORKS! Many of your PPC visitors will leave your website in under 10 seconds! But with Nudge’s no action exit pages, you can help secure that otherwise lost opportunity into a highly qualified lead. Our Click to Close program has been designed to offer a comprehensive solution to your PPC marketing needs. Nudge's no action exit page elements are a perfect example of our relentless pursuit to provide cutting edge, state of the art solutions to our clients.

Module Triggered

Triggered Campaigns

Configure your contact form to reflect you organizations array of products and services. Send any number of customized follow up campaigns based on what the interested prospect checked as an area interest. Client Central, Nudge’s very own proprietary lead management software allows you to easily alter any number of automated follow campaigns. Better follow up better results.

Easily Edit Your Site

CMSClient Central enables anyone to update web pages in minutes, enforces compliance and key standards, and provides a scalable platform for managing website content and assets. Update any of Nudges pre-loaded landing pages in addition to your own corporate site. Gone are the days of relying and waiting on your web developer for simple updates on any of your landing pages or sites. Our proprietary software is designed to easily empower you. No html knowledge or programming skill is necessary, if you can use a word processor you can easily change the content of all your current corporate web site or landing pages.


Your Customers Are Mobile—Are You?

Addressing this exploding market with your on-line initiatives is an absolute necessity. Effective landing pages need to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Nudge is powering mobile strategies for businesses of all sizes with effective, quick loading mobile landing pages.

Mobile advertising technology that works!


Are you prepared to reach out 7 times to get new prospects to buy? Studies have shown that potential clients on average need 7 reach-outs from your business before their ready to buy. How does your follow-up procedure stack up? In today’s fast moving business climate client follow up is often left behind. MessagingSalespeople have a tendency to aggressively work sales that are the most promising and leave the remaining potential business unattended. Who will the unattended clients ultimately do business with?

Industry Specific E-mails

Industry Specific EmailProfessionally designed, ad agency quality correspondence. The nudge design team creates effective, deliverable e-mails designed to continually tap the prospect on the shoulder establishing your organization as a trusted, relevant, and educational source in the prospects mind. Each template has been designed to entice and educate prospects for it's own industry. No matter what your profession, each one of these professionally designed templates are sure to satisfy your requirements.

Highly Deliverable Format

Highly Deliverable

When it comes to e-mail marketing, every undelivered message translates into lost revenue. Nudges experienced creative team incorporates proven best practices and protocols deigned to improve the odds of delivery.

Automated Phone Calls

Worried about e-mails effectively reaching decision makers? We have an answer. Nudge’s Voice Automated phone call solution is designed to` provide timely, relevant and professional communication from a voice of authority at key points in a prospects sales cycle. Simply dial a toll free phone number punch in your password and begin recording your 30 second message. Our professionally written generic scripts will provide effective content for any number of business situations from sales support to customer satisfaction. Improve Customer Satisfaction Build Your Brand Drive Loyalty & Retention Close more sales Automated Phone Calls

Trackable Calls To Action

Calls To ActionBe alerted as to when a recipient clicks on any link on a delivered e-mail. Easily program what url the recipient is redirected too and finally assign a drip campaign to initiate when an individual link is clicked on.

Valuable Data that helps your bottom-line.


The internet allows you not only to attract the highest qualified leads available but unlike many other forms of advertising it allows you to accurately measure how well your current on-line initiatives re working. Reporting

Our easy-to-use tools allow you to accurately track the performance of all your online marketing. Make better marketing decisions and steer dollars towards the sources that drive business. This vital information is instrumental in assuring you are getting the best performance for your investment.

Google Reporting

Google Reporting

Quickly and easily view your Google campaign through Nudge’s Client Central software. Your always a click or two away from the necessary data you need to effectively navigate your online PPC efforts.

Date Range
Cost Per Click
Daily Spends
Average position
Number of conversions
Average Conversion Rate

Weekly PPC Statistical Report

PPC StatsYour week end e-mail report provides you with all the data you need to effectively manage and measure ROI of your PPC campaign.

This vital data is available to you without having to make additions to, modify or even touch your existing website or landing page. We make getting all the performance data you need to make critical budget decisions easy, very easy.

Call Measurement

Call MeasurementDaily updates on the number of calls your online efforts generated.

Daily e-mail reports will assist in Tracking pertinent information about each and every call that comes from your on-line marketing efforts. If by chance you miss an incoming call generated by your on-line marketing campaign the caller's information is readily available on Client Central CRM so that you can quickly get in touch with every potential customer that contacts you regarding your products and services. Access information such as call date, time and duration. In addition to the valuable information we provide you can listen to the actual call and easily evaluate your staffs performance on inbound calls.

Bulk E-mail Reporting

Bulk EmailHow many opened, how many bounced. E-mail Marketing has consistently been one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and communication with existing clients and potential customers. Nudge allows businesses to easily create, send, and track e-mail newsletters, surveys, blogs, auto responders, and on-line ad campaign's. Our e-mail software was designed for ease of use while providing important reporting statistics to help you measure each bulk e-mail sends effectiveness.

See how many e-mails were successfully sent
How many e-mils bounced
How many were viewed
Number of Undeliverable e-mails
Number of Opt Outs

Bulk Voice Broadcasting Reporting

Bulk VoiceNudge allows your organization to create and run multiple campaigns simultaneously. The Client Central interface is very intuitive and makes it easy to see your active campaigns and view detailed statistics such as total calls sent, live answers, hang-ups, no answers, answering machines, Busy and a number of other statistics designed to assist you in determining the effectiveness of any bulk broadcast send.

Who Is Nudge

Who Is Nudge?

We help you get more leads without increasing your Pay Per Click budget. It's what we do day in and day out for businesses just like yours.

We help you find them.
We help you sell them.
We help you stay in touch with them.

Cutting edge software, industry leading professionals, proven results.

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